Downtown Dallas Wedding Venue

Let’s face it, weddings can be stressful. Emotions often run high during wedding prep, so it can be hard to avoid drama involving your bridal party. All kinds of things can play a part in pre-wedding stress. Budgets, insecurities, and busy schedules are just a few. Downtown Dallas wedding venue The Empire Room has a few tips to handle those stressful situations! We’ve listed some issues that might arise. To keep drama at bay and spirits high, we have a few solutions for you:

  • If your bridesmaid doesn’t like the dress you’ve chosen for her – It’s hard to please everyone in a group of at least five or six girls. Everyone has a specific style or preference they like when it comes to shopping. It’s hard for some bridesmaids to accept the fact that they have to pay for a dress that they might not be very excited about. What this downtown Dallas wedding venue suggests is choosing a color and allowing your bridesmaids to choose their style. That way they have some say in the decision! Sticking to a color scheme with a variety of dress styles has been a very popular trend in bridesmaids dresses recently. This adds some personality to your dresses and also makes everyone happy!
  • When someone’s feelings are hurt – I’m sure you’d include a hundred bridesmaids if you could. But the role of a bridesmaid is meant for the closest people in your life! Your friend from that one college class you had years ago or your distant cousin might not be the best choices. However, hurt feelings may arise from those who are left out. Just remind these friends and family members that you’ve always wanted a smaller bridal party. Try to include them in the wedding in different ways! Maybe ask one to give a toast or help you get ready on your special day.
  • If your bridesmaids don’t know each other very well – You may have chosen girls from different stages throughout your life. They might feel a little nervous working with unfamiliar faces to make your day special, so break the ice! Take them out to lunch or host a girls’ night in to make them feel like they have known each other forever!

A few moments of drama may arise between your bridesmaids, but thanks to The Empire Room, a downtown Dallas wedding venue that has had lots of experience, you can avoid those stressful situations!