Best Dallas Wedding Venue

The Empire Room

When you are searching for a wedding venue, it is important to have questions to ask about on your tours at The Empire Room! Not only should you have questions ready, but you should know a few details that will make or break certain venues. This will automatically narrow your list down and make the search easier for you! As the best Dallas wedding venue, we wanted to share these questions with you!

Be sure to know an approximate headcount for your wedding so that when you ask about the number of guests the venue can hold, you know how that number matches up to your estimate! You don’t want to fall in love with a venue that only holds 150 guests when you have an approximate headcount of 300. to be upfront with our answers to these questions, The Empire Room Dallas, we hold up to 300 guests at our venue.

Be sure to ask what is included in the venue! Most venues include chairs, but some don’t. The same about tables is true. You’ll want to make sure that there are plenty of perks within your pricing at each venue that you tour. You don’t want to end up spending the same amount on a venue that has no amenities as one that would. Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to see what we include in the price of your wedding package.

Lastly, know your budget! for the same reason that you should know your estimated headcount, you should know your budget. You don’t want to take a look at a venue that you know is out of your price range to only fall in love then not be able to afford it. Feel free to contact us for our different pricing options so that you know what you are getting into at our venue.