Downtown Dallas Venue

Downtown Dallas Venue

Your wedding at our Downtown Dallas Venue is an important day in your life, so you want to make sure that you choose the perfect officiant for you! There are many people that you can look to in your life to officiate your wedding, especially now that you can get your license to officiate online decently easily. Take a look at some potential ideas for your upcoming wedding.

If you’re religious, think about asking one of your childhood pastors that have known you for your entire life. You can also ask your current pastor that knows both of you well. This will make it so that no one is talked about more and your journey as a couple will be talked about in their speech.

If you went to premarital counseling and got close to your counselor, ask them! This is a normal practice and will mean a lot to you since you have just shared so much time and emotional energy with this person. It will be the perfect full-circle moment to your premarital counseling experience.

Want to go a little non-traditional? Ask a family member to officiate your wedding! Maybe one of you has always dreamed of having your aunt or cousin that is your best friend officiate your wedding, just make that dream a reality! The worst that a person can say is no, so just ask because more than likely they will be so happy for this honor.

Last but not least, ask a friend! If the two of you have a mutual friend that knows both of you really well and has been there throughout your relationship, ask this friend to officiate rather than having them in the wedding party! This will be incredibly special to all three of you in the moment and years down the line.