DFW wedding venue

DFW Wedding Venue

So many little details and decisions go into a wedding. Right after the proposal, a bride’s mind whirs with excitement about her dress, the venue, color schemes, etc. One of the most important parts of a wedding is the people involved. Brides put in lots of time and thought into choosing their bridesmaids, asking them with beautiful cards or gift boxes. But we can’t forget about another very special member of the bridal party – the flower girl! Being a flower girl is such an exciting role for a little girl. When you ask her to be a part of your wedding, it should be something she’ll remember! DFW wedding venue, The Empire Room, has a few suggestions for asking your flower girl to be a part of your special day.

  • One idea is asking her with a sweet treat! What little girls don’t like sweets? Asking her with frosted cookies or a little basket of her favorite candies will surely be something she’ll remember.
  • Another idea from this DFW wedding venue is to present her with a few confetti-filled balloons! Write the question on a piece of paper and place it in one of the balloons before you blow them up. She’ll have to pop the balloons until she finds the one with the question inside. This will feel like a little game for her, and the confetti adds even more excitement!
  • Since she’ll be sprinkling flowers down the aisle on your big day, what better way to ask her than with flowers? This DFW wedding venue suggests presenting your flower girl with a colorful bouquet of her favorite flowers.
  • Additionally, you could create a little flower crown for her to make it even more special.
  • One last idea is giving her a book. There are quite a few cute children’s books that explain the role of a flower girl. Having it laid out in a children’s book might ease any nerves she might have, too!