Dallas wedding venue

Dallas Wedding Venue

There are so many times that you only have one choice with a venue, inside or outside, but we have both at our Dallas wedding venue! There are pros to both types of venues, but nothing is better than having the choice to choose or even the choice to use both on your big day! We wanted to go over some of our perks of having an indoor/outdoor wedding venue, and why we love our venue.

  • The biggest perk of having an indoor/outdoor wedding venue is having the safety net to move your wedding, ceremony, or cocktail hour inside in the case of a weather change. If you have your wedding at an all outdoor venue, you don’t have the option to move it inside in the case of bad weather. No one wants to plan their whole wedding outdoors for it to rain the entire day.
  • On the other hand, you simply have the option of having any of your wedding events outside! If the weather is nice, it would be amazing to have your reception or cocktail hour on a beautiful patio with views overlooking Dallas. An outdoor space adds to any experience, weddings included.
  • The last perk that we want to share with you is only two words: outdoor ceremony! Outdoor ceremonies are stunning and unique! We love when couples opt to have their ceremonies outside because the decor is always unique and the pictures from your big day will be stunning! Trust us when we say that a golden hour ceremony is just as dreamy as it sounds it would be.

We would love to talk with you more about our venue and why an indoor/outdoor venue is the best option for your big day! Contact us today to learn more about our venue.