Best Dallas Venue

Best Dallas Venue

Summer gives you opportunity to do and add unique things to your wedding that you just can’t do any other season. Even if the weather is great in Spring and Autumn, the weather is still so temperamental that you just never know what might happen! Summer gives you perfect days and clear skies to plan fun, unique outdoor ideas for your wedding reception. As the best Dallas venue, we want to give you some of our favorite summer wedding trends.

Invest in some lawn games for your guests! Giant Jenga and cornhole will be a big hit with anyone. This will also be great for any children at your wedding! It will keep them occupied while their parents can dance the night away with you.

Bring in either a food truck or even a mobile bar to treat your guests to. Food trucks can be fun because you can get your favorite obscure taco truck to bring snacks to guests! A mobile bar is also a fun addition. This is a newer trend, but we have been seeing it a lot recently. It changes up a typical bar setting to be a little more unique. 

Speaking of unique, have a unique cocktail at your cocktail hour! Make something like a wine smoothie—wine blended with frozen fruit (YUM)—or a frosé. Since its hot outside, your guests will love something frozen to cool down with. These are also more unique options than you would typically see at a cocktail hour. 

Lastly, give your guests places to hang out other than their tables. Invest in, or rent, some comfy couches, chaises, and chairs. This will give guests—and you—a place to relax and take a comfortable breather in between dances. You can make this space even cozier by adding poles with string lights above or adding a canopy above one of the lounge areas to make it feel more private.