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7 Crucial Wedding Details You Need to Keep an Eye On – Empire Room

There are a ton of things that need your attention while planning for the big day. So, it’s quite understandable that you might lose sight of little details – little details that count a lot. To take care of this for you, we have compiled a list of such offending details that sometimes just escape notice.

The Grand Entrance

You pay so much attention to the décor of the ballroom or the main venue, then why not extend the same careful treatment to the entryway? The entrance is the first thing guests notice about the venue – don’t let the opportunity slip.

Decorate the entry way with hanging lanterns that line the entire pathway, or have your florist design a long-height table arrangement for the escort cards. You can also use floral garlands to hang around the door frames.

Spell out the directions for your guests

It might not seem a big deal but when dozens of guests keep calling you to ask for the venue directions…it can get daunting.

To avoid this, be proactive and put up huge signs for every wedding spot clearly specifying the directions. If you have a wedding website, that’s even better – use Google Maps to mark the right turns and let your guests know about this.

Speaking of Escort Cards

In the name of a minimalist wedding, many-a-bride do away with escort cards thinking it’s not worth the effort. Guess what? The escort cards can save you and, most importantly, your guests a whole lot of stress and hassle.

When you pre-decide the seating arrangement, you can be conscientious of the fact that your older guests like your grandparents and close family members, get to have an unobtrusive spot to relax and enjoy. At the same time, you can assign the seats closest to the dance floor to your friends and young guests.

Place the escort cards on a high table along the entryway, or simply pin them up on a board.

Don’t Neglect the Bar Décor

Not every guest might hop on the dance floor, but they will visit the bar throughout the night – remember this while decorating it. You can be as creative as you want; from fresh fruit infused ice cubes to printing out your signature drink recipe on the napkins.

Getting creative with the Guest Book

If you truly want all the guests to enthusiastically participate in signing the guest book, make the activity fun and creative. For example, you can ask each guest to jot down a marriage advice, or you can place a Polaroid camera and ask them to take a selfie and leave it in the Guest Book folder with their signature.

Don’t Ignore the Cake Table

This one is a bit tricky; you don’t want the cake table to appear carelessly decorated, but you don’t want it to shine so much that it takes the attention away from the cake!

To achieve a nice balance, decorate the table with beautiful linen and place little tea-light candles or small flowers in a scattered way. If you are having an outdoor cake-cutting, opt for a fabric canopy to cover the cake.

Menu Booklets

Depending on the theme – formal or casual – give your menu cards a stylish makeover by color coordinating them with either your signature drink or even wedding stationery. For example, if it’s a multi-course meal, you can choose cute mini booklets instead of card for the menu.