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7 Ways You Can Use Water Colors In Your Summer Wedding 2017

In the recent years, we have seen a lot of couples choose watercolor wedding invitations. But now, the fondness for watercolor is growing even more, as brides-to-be are happily opting to use it in the wedding décor.

From wedding cakes to trendy escort cards, watercolors have the unique – almost magical – ability to transform the whole décor. It is also a great option if you’re looking for a twist on the classic elegant wedding theme.

If you have also seen the romantic watercolor wedding invitations, and want to take it one step ahead, here are some ideas you’ll love.

Watercolor Wedding Stationery for the Bride

Apart from the wedding invitations, watercolors can also be used to design the rest of bridal stationery. As it goes, there is no dearth of colors to choose from – soft pink, lilac, pale purple, rose, pale green, cerulean blue, and many more. Keep the theme and color palette of your wedding in mind while choosing the colors.

Add Color to the Otherwise Minimalist Theme

If you have chosen an all-white theme, you can spice things up with watercolor place settings. For example, opt for watercolor napkins and flatware. If the dinner plates are white, then pink or purple hued napkins and flatware is a fun way to try the watercolor trend.

Up the Ante with Watercolor Fabric Table Runners

If your wedding décor incorporates charming wooden tables, you can add to the charm by using watercolor table runners. It contrasts spectacularly against the wooden background and add a touch of whimsy. Not to mention your guests will be left in awe of this unique idea.

Also, it doesn’t all have to be pink – think blue-dipped napkins to match the rose hued flower arrangements. When it comes to watercolors, the sky is the limit. You can even opt for beautiful hand-crafted watercolor paper accessories to decorate the dinner table.

Do Away with Old Rectangular Escort Cards     

You can swap the regular escort cards for the watercolor ones. The softly colored cards go well with most of the wedding themes – wooden rustic, elegant classic, or even minimalistic. Again, decide whether you want it to match the rest of the décor or contrast it.

This Season Calls for a Colorful Wedding Cake

If you did not already know – because you don’t checkout the Pinterest trends (shock!), you can enjoy a watercolor wedding cake!

A pale peach and pink colored wedding cake, for example, just reeks of romance! You can choose different colors for the different tiers, or even opt for a multiple-color single-tiered cake. Ah, talk about easy on the eyes and the palate.

Substitute the Old Fashioned Packaging

You can have so much fun with watercolor favor packaging! For example, choose the color blue for favors for men, and choose pink for women. It looks visually stunning and instantly adds a ton of value to the wedding favors.

So here you are. If you can think of more ways to incorporate watercolors into the wedding décor, let us know.