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How to Add Personal Touch to Your Reception – The Empire Room

If you truly want your friends and family to remember your big day vividly for the rest of your lives, personalization is the key. Adding little personal touches to your wedding ceremony and reception party can create a more finished and thoughtful effect. And we are all about thoughtfulness.

So here are some unique ways you can stray from the out-of-the-mill, and foray into something made-only-for-you.

A quick note, to make the event memorable, some of these ideas include getting your guests involved in the activities as well. This makes them feel special and a part of your big love story!

Parade to the reception

If the reception venue is walking distance away from the wedding venue, invite your guests to follow you – and a boisterous band – from ceremony to reception.

Thank You Notes

Prepare beautiful hand-written and unique notes for each of your guests when they enter the reception. You can write anecdotes, a joke, or just a heartfelt thank-you for every guest. This makes it really personal and they feel super special because of that! Also, when you use these cards, you don’t have to receive each guest personally – more time for photo sessions!

Projector Slideshow

Play a slideshow of all the lovely pictures you are dying to show off. Rent a projector and have it present the slideshow on the walls. This creates a truly stunning effect throughout the reception venue.

Use the Music

What were your favorite songs while growing up? Play the music that brings back the memories of the moments you spent with your loved ones; the song you and bestie used to dance to all the time, or maybe that song your father was always humming? The trick is to include meaningful songs.

Group Fun

Plan something fun like a group outing to the zoo, museum, or planetarium. From the out-of-towner guests to adventure lovers, everyone will appreciate the unique experience.

Flower Power

Nothing says I care for you as well as flowers. Provide individual boutonnieres for men and flower hair clips for women in the party. You can make it more personalized by choosing everyone’s favorite flowers and including that in the floral accessories.

Invite Guest to Speak

Ask your friends and families to share their marital wisdom or funny stories with everyone. It could be surprisingly hilarious or deeply sentimental. Make sure to tell them (beforehand) to keep the speeches short.


Design the seating arrangement in a way that all the guests can see and interact with each other. To achieve this, make it a long round arrangement instead of small tables all over the hall.

Time Capsule

Take an empty bottle of wine and have your loved ones put handwritten notes in it. It could be marriage tips or funny joke. Hammer it shut and wait for your 10th wedding anniversary to open it.

Plant a Sapling

Take a small potted plant and use the soil from both of your hometowns (or backyards) while planting it in your shared abode. You can plant it after you get home from celebrating the honeymoon.