Best Dallas Wedding Vendors

When looking for the best Dallas wedding vendors, The Empire Room has worked with quite a few wedding photographers. Here are so pro tips for selecting one.

Look for Unique Skills

Look for how the photographer edits, what camera they use or their overall style. You’ll want to see how they handle candid vs staged photos, outdoor vs indoor and day time vs night photography.

Explore the photographer’s website to get a feel for different angles, times of day, subjects, and more. You may love their day photography but find that their night photography is not your style. If you can’t find a certain aspect of their photography on their website just ask them for a sample.

Ask the Right Questions 

Work with photographer and coordinator to create a timeline. Making sure you have enough time in the day for photographing each of the days events is important. It’s also important to mention what particular shots you want. You don’t need to provide a detailed list of every shot you want. However, your photographer might not know that you want a photograph of your grandmothers ring next to yours unless you say so.

Being Able to Step Back

Ultimately, you want have the ability to step back and enjoy your wedding day and trust your photographer to capture key moments. Make sure that when choosing a photographer you feel like you don’t have to call the shots and can trust their ability to capture the magic of your big day.