Best Venues in Dallas

While you’re looking for the best venues in Dallas, you’re probably also looking for the perfect hashtag to organize and share you wedding journey on social media. If you want your hashtag to be as memorable as your dress check out these tips for the perfect wedding hashtag.

Be unique

The best hashtags are unique to you. Start by writing down first names, nicknames, even hobbies, words related to your hobbies, and where/how you met. Then start brainstorming words that rhyme with your new last name.

Use a catch phrase

Do you and your hubby-to-be have a pun-worthy last name? A great tip for a unique and smile worthy hashtag is to sub your married name with another word in a phrase. For example if you name last name is Williams try #aislegowithwilliams.

Keep it short

You want your guests to actually use your hashtag, make sure they don’t have to look it up or that it will be easy to make spelling mistakes. A maximum of 15 or less is the most likely to be remembered and used.


Lastly, in order for guests to use your hashtag on social media you have to make sure you have it out on display. Start with your paper goods like save the dates, engagement announcements, and programs, your website, and on signs at the wedding (especially if you have a photobooth).