Dallas Downtown Wedding Venue – The Empire Room

Top 2019 Wedding Trends To Look For

The Empire Room, is Dallas’ finest Downtown Wedding Venue, and a  great place to host a trendy wedding of your very own. We picked the top 2019 trends for your wedding that we think have lasting power.


Wedding Ring Trends

Giving a diamond is very traditional, but many brides and grooms are opting for different looks. Colorful gemstones in either traditional cuts or even raw cuts are getting popular. Getting a ring in your birthstone is a more personal touch instead of just picking a white diamond.

Metals besides gold are increasingly coming to pass. Even mixing metals in wedding bands is very popular for millennial couples.


Wedding Table Trends

Mixing colors and patterns on the wedding table is making waves too among couples who want something different. In the past, using classic neutrals and white linens was the way to go, but today you will find so many more creative options. The wedding table can be an artistic expression of your true style.


Wedding Cake Trends

The wedding cake is getting away from being traditional three tier white cake. So many couples are opting for different compositions. From macaroon stacks, rice crispie cakes and donut cakes, the options are limitless.

Want a breathtaking masterpiece? Mille feuille means a thousand layers in French. This cake is made of filo pastry, filled with Chantilly cream and topped with fruit or drizzled in chocolate sauce. Also from French cuisine, we’ve seen the Croquembouche tower, which is a tall tower of cream-filled pastry balls with caramel sauce.

Whether you stick to traditions or pick popular trends, The Empire Room, our Downtown Wedding Venue is the perfect place to host your dream wedding for you and your future spouse. Contact us today to schedule your venue tour.