Being one of the most popular Dallas Texas wedding venues we have come across some pretty great dance parties. Our partner, Astounding Sounds & Lights is an expert when it comes to getting and keeping people on the dance floor. We consulted them to find out what it takes to have a smash-hit party, check out our tips below:

Choose the right entertainment

One of the reasons we partner with ASL is that they know how to keep the guests involved on the dance floor. The great thing about a good DJ is that they can mix songs and take out the boring bits so that people don’t lose interest or the energy in the room stays strong.

Scheduling other events before

One of the most important factors to keeping people on the dance floor is to not have interruptions. So make sure to schedule in your timeline to do any activities like cake cutting before the dance party gets started.

Start the night off on a high note

The first dance is what really kicks off the party. One way to seamlessly transition is to get the DJ to ask all the couples to join you towards the end of the song. Once they are on the dance floor switch to something upbeat to get them moving.

Make sure you and your groom are busting a move

The best way to keep people dancing is to dance with them. Your guests are there for you and your fiancé so they are more likely to dance if they see you dancing with them. So go ahead, show off your best dance moves.