dallas weddings

There’s a stereotype among Dallas weddings that bachelorette parties have to involve innuendos, bad decisions and a major hangover the next day. While there’s nothing wrong with indulging, there are plenty of ways to have fun without having regrets the day after.

Exploring a new Area of Town

Have you lived in Dallas your whole life and never explored the museums of downtown and uptown? Now’s your chance to experience your city along side you besties and discover a piece of the city your never knew existed.

Blooms + Bridesmaids

Plan on doing DIY bouquet arrangements? Why not learn how to arrange them at a floral workshops. Simply contact your local flower shop or florist and see if they offer workshops.

Learn a new Skill with Your Ladies

Have you always wanted to learn a certain skill but never got around to it? With your bachelorette party in toe now is as good a time as ever to seize the moment. Learning something new is a great bonding experience and who knows you might be putting that new calligraphy skill to use in a couple months.

Beach Vibes with Your Girls

Whether you take a trip to the beach of just go out to a pool on the roof of a skyscraper for some rays. Having a bachelorette near the water is a fun summer party – just remember to wear sunscreen!

Celebrate Concert-Style

Looking to dance the night away with your bridal party but the club isn’t your scene? Opt to go see your favorite band in concert and you’ll have a truly memorable party.