Our downtown event venue in Dallas has seen some beautiful escort card display designs. There are lots of possibilities when it comes to escort card displays but what makes it unique and intimate is how it relates to you as a couple. Here are a couple tips for creating a killer escort card display.

Organize names alphabetically

Though it might seem like a good idea to order them by table number most guests won’t be able to find their names with this arrangement. Ordering them in alphabetical order makes it easier to find. You can also group couples together so it’s easier for them to find their spot together.

Make the display intuitive

Make you display easy to interact with to avoid traffic jams. Make instructions clear on how to use the display to find their seat. If you want your guests to simply look for their number and not take the escort card have someone stand by and tell them or a sign that gives instructions. Same goes for if they are suppose to take them to their seats.

The simplest of displays are the most effective. If a display looks overly complicated, guests may skip it entirely and then be lost as to wear to sit or sit in some else’s spot.

Envision the overall impact

An escort display is a great way to showcase the overall aesthetic of your wedding. You want something eye-catching that will draw guests to interact with it and see it when they first arrive to your reception.

Keep it personal

As you search for ideas for your display, take inspiration from your love story. Do you and your fiancé love to be crafty? Maybe write each guests name on a leaf with a paint pen. Do you both love to travel? Have a display of luggage tags with names and tables numbers for each guest. Get creative with it.