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Dallas Wedding Venues | Benefits of an Open Concept Wedding Venue

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As you research Dallas wedding venues, it can be tricky to find a location that allows you to truly express your own style. Today’s weddings are beautifully personalized occasions—from custom stationery to unique tabletop displays, the cookie-cutter approach to wedding planning is long gone. It’s important to choose a space that lets you craft a personalized event, tailored to your unique style. When we created The Empire Room, we made customization a priority. Our venue is designed with personalization in mind!

The Empire Room’s blueprint features an open-concept venue with a spacious layout. We designed a roomy indoor area, complemented by modern amenities (including our chic bridal lounge). Then, we added an open patio, with plenty of room for outdoor seating, ceremonies, and/or reception mingling. Overall, the open concept space lends itself to personalization for every event. Take a look at a few of our favorite reasons to invest in an open-concept wedding venue:

  • Personalized décor: with a blank canvas venue, you can bring any creative aesthetic to life. Instead of being pigeonholed by the venue’s distinctive style, you have the opportunity to craft a memorable event design—completely unique to your celebration.
  • Custom layout: an open concept also allows a custom layout, perfectly tailored to your event. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a huge celebration, we can customize the table set-up to facilitate your event flow. Create an experience for your guests as they enter the reception and move from one area to the next.
  • Flexibility: finally, an open-concept ensures flexibility—even in a worst-case scenario. If you encounter a hiccup during the planning process, it’s easier to switch gears. With indoor and outdoor space, flexible seating arrangements, and plenty of décor options, The Empire Room can accommodate any unforeseen issues with ease.


We hope you’ll keep these benefits of an open-concept space in mind as you tour Dallas wedding venues. Of course, we’d love to show you The Empire Room so you can see all the possibilities for yourself! Contact us to schedule a tour and begin envisioning your dream day right here at The Empire Room.