Seating arrangements at wedding receptions are always tricky. Whether you agonize over a carefully planned chart, or open up the floor to unrestricted seating, deciding on the floor plan layout is no easy feat. Wedding trends are always bringing novel ideas to the overall layout of the reception…  lately at our DFW modern wedding venue, we’ve been seeing a lot of one trend we absolutely love: sweetheart tables!

DFW modern wedding venue | The Empire Room

Fine Art Photographer Taylor Lord

A sweetheart table is a small (typically rectangular) table for just the bride and groom. Often placed at the front of the venue, the sweetheart table is a special spot just for the two newlyweds, while everyone else sits at the usual tables. Why do we recommend them? There’s a lot to love!

  • A moment of privacy: a table reserved just for the happy couple ensures a rare moment of privacy for the newlyweds. The bride and groom can enjoy dinner together and savor a moment just for the two of them.
  • Easier host/essing: some couples add two empty chairs on the opposite side of the bride and groom’s seats at the sweetheart table. This allows guests to stop by the sweetheart table to visit, preventing the bride and groom from having to make rounds to greet each guest individually.
  • Unique table décor: since the sweetheart table is the focal point of the layout, you can go all-out on décor for just this table. Incorporate a personal detail (like china from the mothers of the bride and groom), or an oversized lush floral arrangement.
  • Price conscious: decorating the sweetheart table works in favor of your budget. Splurge on the sweetheart table, but keep the other tablescapes simple and sweet (and budget-friendly).
  • Photo opportunties: your splendidly decked out sweetheart table is the perfect opportunity to snap some styled photos. Incorporate any special details, like your custom invitation suite or a hand-lettered menu. This is a great opportunity to capture the best of your wedding!

A sweetheart table can help solve a few seating puzzles by designating a focal point for the room and giving the newlyweds a seat where they don’t appear to play favorites among guests. It’s the best of both worlds, providing a picturesque tablescape and space for the new Mr. and Mrs. to enjoy a moment together. Consider adding one to your DFW modern wedding venue at The Empire Room!

Our versatile floor plan can accommodate almost any seating layout, with or without a sweetheart table. Just let us know how we can help with your wedding ceremony and rehearsal seating—we’ve done this a few times, and we would be glad to assist you.