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Congratulations! So, finally you’re married. But the festivities are not over yet, are they? It’s time for the celebratory dinner – a dinner that probably had you climbing the walls while designing the ‘perfect’ seating chart for it.

That’s where escort cards come into play. Sure, you can just use a seating chart, but who wants that? You even scoured Instagram and Pinterest for some creative escort card ideas!

Okay, now let’s face some facts. People love personalized favors; anything with their name on it. If you truly want people to remember your wedding for years to come, you could also choose escort cards that double up a memorable favors; something your guests can take home with them.

Here are some great escort card ideas to get you started!

Floating Chandelier:

Forget about charts and tables to display the escort cards for your guests, instead choose a hanging style arrangement that looks like a chandelier.

Calligraphy magic:

How about sheer tiles with the names of your guests calligraphed on them? This is simple yet the calligraphy on tiles looks so classical.

Simple is best:

Yes, sometimes, your wedding theme calls for something simplistic, like square shaped escort cards printed in solid gold script, and attached to vibrant colorful flowers and twine! The white of the cards and gold of the script nicely contrast with the pop of color in flowers.

Fragrant Lavender:

Lavender is one the most appealing scents known to us; from soaps, and lotions to cloth satchels, we are mad for lavender. So it only makes sense to use lavender sprigs creatively with your escort cards too. Your guests won’t be able to leave these behind!

Love notes:

Wedding guests are important, we know it, and you know it. And we bet there are cool stories from when you were growing up that you can associate with each one of them. Write ‘love notes’ to each of your guests on the escort cards to thank them for attending. These love notes can be funny anecdotes you share together, or a one-liner dialogue that reminds you of them.

Fairy Kingdom:

Think of this – a natural looking stone or wooden escort card table (or bench) suspended in mid-air with fresh green moss on it! To add a bit of fun, consider hanging marble animal heads over it, like elephant heads.

Circular arrangement:

If you’ve gotten tired of squares, think of circular installations of greenery, and flowers to hang the escort cards.

Bring out the photo albums:

If you’re looking for truly personalized escort cards, this is the ultimate choice. Use your favorite photos of your loved ones, friends, and family (in color of in black-n-white) as escort cards.

Perfect for Beach wedding:

How about little discs made of Mother of pearl (or something similar) for the escort cards? Use pink colored calligraphy script on it for an exotic touch.

For the Boho bride:

What could be better than a dreamcatcher escort card? No, seriously? Guests can even take these home as the perfect boho wedding favors!