Fall Wedding Looks to Love – The Empire Room – Blog

Mix and Match

This season more than any other season we see brides mix and match styles. We love when a bride loves cowboy boots but also loves flower crowns and lots of glam. Mix together what you like and make your own trend. You don’t have to stick to just boho, classic, modern, or shabby chic. Take a little bit of inspiration from them all

White Collar

Bring out the high neck wedding dresses, they are perfect for the season. Add to that long sleeves and you’ll be all warm and cozy as you say ‘I do’.

Two Piece

Here in Texas fall is unpredictable – one day it can be hot and sunny, the next you need your winter coat on. That’s why we think a two piece dress is perfect for fall. Because if it turn out to be chilly you can change out the top for say a sweater or a plaid shirt if appropriate.

Head Piece

We’re talking about the kind that are made from jewelry that grace the top of your head and sometimes have a pendant that rests on your forehead. These are a more classic, modern version of the flower crown.