Every bride who walks through our wedding venue doors exudes bridal elegance and a distinctive personal style. No two brides are alike—which is exactly what makes us happiest here at The Empire Room. Customizing our wedding venue to accommodate every personal detail is what we do best… and what we love most about our job. Every last detail matters on your special day, from the cake topper to the perfect shade of lipstick. There’s one tiny detail that makes a big impact on overall style: hair accessories. Today we’re bringing you inspirations you won’t want to overlook when it comes to crafting your unique bridal style. Take a peek at our favorite hair accessories for the modern bride:

  • Floral crown: the floral crown trend is still going strong this season! We’ve seen every variety of this charming hair accessory. From colorful oversized blooms to dainty wildflowers, florals can be tailored to match any bridal style.
  • Jeweled headband: if you’re a modern bride jumping on the loosely braided hairstyle trend, add a jeweled headband for a memorable look. Look for bold shapes to evoke a Gatsby-era feel, or select a slimmer band for a subtle touch of elegance.
  • Delicate chains: a chain headpiece can be the finishing touch for a bohemian bride, but they can also add modern edge to a traditional updo.
  • Heirloom combs: does your family have any items of heirloom jewelry? If your mother or grandmother is ready to pass down any antique pieces, consider having them made into a small comb you can tuck into a twisted hairstyle. This doubles as a beautiful “something old!”
  • Pretty pins: decorative pins are an elegant and understated way to add a touch of personality to a wedding day updo. Find pins topped with pearls or a floral bauble to add a dainty detail to your bridal look.
  • Ribbons: ribbons are in vogue in a big way this wedding season. Incorporate an exquisitely hand-dyed silk ribbon with frayed edges to complement your color palette. Tie the ribbon loosely around a voluminous ponytail, intertwine it into an oversized braid, or incorporate it into your floral crown for a stunning feminine touch.
  • Veil: the veil alone exudes bridal personality. Whether you love a traditional cathedral-style mantilla veil, or are embracing a vintage vibe with a quirky dotted birdcage, the veil you choose expresses a lot about your personal style. Let this be a statement piece, or the subtle complement to additional style elements; either way, choose a veil that represents you to a T.

What’s your vision for the big day? We’d love to see what you have in mind. The personality you bring to The Empire Room – whether through hair accessories, linen choices, or a jaw-dropping gown – is what makes our wedding venue shine. Tell us how we can accommodate your wedding vision; we would love nothing more than to host your one-of-a-kind wedding day.