Transform Your Wedding with Drapery
The Empire Room - Dallas Event Venue

Drapes of Grandeur

When you’re dealing with a blank canvas or any large space drappery can change the whole tone of the room. It can make your wedding space look elegant and expensive without a lot of effort.

Anniversary Party

Make it Fun.

Drapery doesn’t have to be one color and look super elegant. It can be colorful, tasseled, or paper mache for a lively feel. It can energize the room and create a totally different vibe. So have fun with it and please your DIY urges.


An intimate space

Create an intimate lounging space by enclosing cushioned seating with large tied back curtains. This makes the space feel inviting and encourages conversation breaking the ice. It’s also a good spot for the guests or their kids to get some time away from the party to recharge.

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Sheer and Colored Lights

One of the perks of drapery is how it reflects light. It can create any sort of mood you want just by changing the color shining on the fabric. White works best for this, but don’t be afraid to experiment, especially if your color palette calls for it.

And just remember, it doesn’t have to be thick and heavy. It could be sheer, glittery, or maybe not fabric at all. Don’t limit yourself.