Here at Empire Room we offer an over-sized patio area with our venue. Our patio is the perfect space for you to make your own for any occasion! However since a patio is like a blank canvas, some people may struggle when it comes to figuring out how to make this space practical, inviting and engaging. So today we at Empire Room have some tips and suggestions on how you can make a patio become something magical for your dream event.

Ceremony Doors 2

  1.  Start by planning where you want your reception area located! The Empire Room has both inside and patio options, but it’s hard to resist our patio with downtown Dallas as a piece of scenery. The large patio has plenty of room for the reception among other activities such as a lounge area or photo booth. Also, a reception set up is the perfect way to add dimension and a pop color to the space.
  2. The perfect place for cocktail hour! If you have an indoor ceremony but there is a beautiful day awaiting outside, why not set up cocktail tables and an outdoor bar on the patio? It’s the perfect excuse to get your guests out for some fresh air and quench your thirst. You also might want to think about incorporating some fun outdoor games and activities to get everyone to take full advantage of such an open space
  3. If you are just absolutely in  love with the idea of a patio, why not plan to have your ceremony there? The large space allows you freedom and plenty of room to get creative with your set up! The help of a vibrant color pallet and the right decorations can make the patio really come to life. You can get creative with all kinds of things like table center pieces, beautifully draped part lights or lanterns, vibrant blooms of floral arrangements and a captivating altar.

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If you are interested in incorporating a patio in your special event, get in contact with us now and we can help you make the space your own!