Your wedding day is the day to celebrate you and your significant other’s love for one another and reminisce about happy memories. No one wants a blast from the past in a human form that reminds you about past mistakes. No one wants drama, especially on the biggest day of your life. When planning your guest list, consider the pros and cons and the do’s and don’ts before you send out a save-the-date.

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Invite Your Ex Only If:

Your relationship ended when you were young and things are settled.

Relationships that lasted through school or high school are ones that most of us laugh over when we grow into adults. If your issues are settled and both of you are friends, then there shouldn’t be an issue. Do bear in mind that you should always double check with your partner and possibly his family whether they will be comfortable with it or not. If there is a possibility that it will invoke some bitterness, then we advise you to avoid sending the invitation.

You were married at one point or parent children together.

First, make sure everyone around you is comfortable with the notion of your ex being in attendance during the proceedings. Such a step is great if you wish to be more accepting of one another’s respective partners and help out your children adjust to the new life together.

Do Not at Any Cost Invite Your Ex If:

Everyone is not fully comfortable with the idea.

This day should be about you and your better half. The mere possibility of raised eyebrows should be a warning sign. People tend to hold on to the past therefore regardless of your stance with your ex, we suggest, it would be best to not do it.

You are concerned about their behavior.

Unless you fully trust your ex with good behavior and expect no outbursts or inappropriate behavior after one too many glasses of champagne, then only should you consider inviting them. It is best to avoid a scene of any kind.

You are worried about their Plus 1’s behavior.

Weddings are a sensitive affair that can trigger memories associated with quite a few unspoken events. A plus 1 is more than just risky business because they might unleash some unresolved feelings of their own in such settings. This one has too many red flags; therefore, avoid a situation such as this at all costs.

You will struggle while introducing the others.

If you are socially awkward and struggle with introductions, the last thing you need is to introduce your ex to a family member as a friend. It can hurt some feelings and trigger some unresolved emotions. Even introducing them as your ex can lead to some awkwardness and general unease. If you are bad with phrasing, don’t do it.

Weddings should be celebrated smoothly without avoidable glitches, fights, or drama. Only go for it if you are absolutely sure.