Wedding Venue DFW | Why a bridal suite is a must-have

When you’re looking at an array of gorgeous wedding venues, you’ll likely be thinking of your ceremony and reception… with good reason! Of course, the ceremony and reception are the focal point of the big day. But sometimes, brides are thinking about the big picture too much to seek smaller details that really do transform a wedding day. We believe the bridal suite is one of those must-have aspects at a wedding venue—even if it isn’t top-of-the-mind while you’re touring venue options. Brides at our wedding venue always comment on what benefit the bridal suite was on their wedding day. Take a look at our top reasons you’ll love having a bridal suite at your wedding venue:

  • Privacy: while everyone else is running around like crazy pulling together wedding-day details, you can relax and soak in the moment. Savor all the details and find a little peace and quiet before your grand entrance down the aisle.
  • Pampering: it’s your day! If you ever deserved a few hours of pampering, this is it. Relax in a sophisticated bridal suite where you can get away from the chaos of the day and pamper yourself. Bring your beauty team for cosmetics and hairstyling in a luxe environment.
  • Time with your girls: enjoy these precious moments with the special ladies in your life. You and your bridesmaids are sure to make memories while sipping on mimosas and sharing pre-wedding excitement.
  • Photos: photographers love the photo opportunities in a bridal suite. The quintessential “getting ready” pictures turn out far more frame-worthy when shot in a chic bridal suite.
  • Storage: maybe not the most glamorous use of your bridal suite… but practical nonetheless! Having a safe space to store items during the ceremony and the day-of is a huge help. Bridesmaids can leave purses, cosmetics, change of clothes, etc. in the bridal suite so their items are out of the way and secure.

Trust us—you’ll love having a bridal suite on the big day. While it may not be foremost on your mind while venue-hunting, it always turns out to be a feature brides say they could not have done without. We hope you’ll stop by the most unique wedding venue DFW has to offer and tour our bridal suite sometime soon!