Today more than ever a bridesmaid has a lot of responsibility to help make your big day perfect.

Embellished in themed hues, a bridesmaid is not only expected to hike down the altar in their heels and a bouquet, but also expected to acknowlede the stress on the bride’s shoulders before the wedding. Typically, bridesmaids are expected to help with various items throughout the planning process, ranging from vendor meetings and appointments to cake-tasting appointments, dance rehearsals and dress fittings.

In most cases, a bridesmaid is also expected to pay for her hotel stay, wedding ensemble, gift(s), and parties for the bridal shower and bachelorette. Whoa! While those numbers can add up quick, the bride (or couple) and their families will likely be covering a lot of costs for the wedding party as well. Here are a few items that aren’t typically on the bridemaid’s tab.


Flower Bouquets And Accessories

In most cases the couple will provide whatever they would like you to carry as you make your way down the aisle to stand beside them.

Transportation To The Wedding Venue

Whether it’s a fancy limo or a personality filled mode of transportation, it is expected of the bride and her family to coordinate with the wedding party and cover their transportation to the wedding venue on the big day.

Hair And Make-Up

Generally – if the bride has a preference on what the bridesmaid’s hair and/or make-up should look like on the big day, it should be something that is covered by the couple or their families.