Who is Responsible for Set-Up and Tear Down When You Rent a Venue?

The Empire Room

It’s your wedding day! Depending on the venue that you’re at, you better hope you’ve recruited some friends and family to do set-up and tear down for you before and after the wedding. Many venues make you do one or the other, if not, both. This is one of the many areas where The Empire Room stands above the rest.

At The Empire Room, we don’t believe it should be this way at all! We will have the tables and chairs set up for you because we believe that it should and is on us. If you rent the linens through us, we will have those already set up, as well! This will already be done when you get to the venue at noon the day of your wedding.

We will also do tear-down! Your vendors will do tear down for their things, but there is nothing that you or any of your guests will need to worry about with the tear-down process through us. You will not need to lift a single chair the day of your wedding because we do all of that work for you.

If you want phenomenal service in every aspect including the set-up and tear down process, then The Empire Room is the way to go! We want you to have the absolute best experience on your big day and would love to be the venue that hosts you and helps you on one of the most special days of your life.

Want more information about this? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more or contact us with questions. We would love to talk with you about any clarifications needed or questions you have about our venue or availability for the upcoming year.