dallas wedding ideas

Dallas Wedding Ideas

Spring has sprung and pastels are back! We are here to help you with Dallas wedding ideas for the spring. There are so many ways to incorporate pastels into your wedding to give it the perfect, dreamy, spring feel that all spring weddings deserve.

The most obvious ways to incorporate all of your pastel colors into your wedding is through the florals. You might choose to have a cascading, pastel bouquet, or a wall of floating flowers behind you at the ceremony. The pastels can continue into the reception into the centerpieces.

Another way that you can add pastels into your wedding is through the clothing that your bridal party and groomsmen wear. Have the groomsmen wear light colored suits and pastel bowties with white shirts to create a lighter look for the audience of family and friends. Have your bridesmaids wear light florals or even just light pastel dresses to your ceremony. This will not only create a pastel backdrop, but keep both parties unified in an eye-pleasing way.

For any signage, whether it is table signage, table cards, or signs throughout your ceremony or reception, use light colors to write in! Usually we go for black when we create informative signs and use calligraphy, but using pastel colors will add a visually pleasing touch to your reception and to your tables.

You can also decorate in more ways than just flowers to add pastel. Consider adding light colored ribbon or tulle to the backs of chairs in your ceremony and reception. You can add ribbon into your table centerpieces, around your cake, or anywhere else that you see fit!

There are so many ways to add pastel colors into your wedding to make it become the color scheme that you have always dreamed of. We at The Empire Room would love to be the perfect backdrop for your pastel wedding.