Downtown Dallas Venue | The Empire Room

Recently engaged? Congratulations! Nothing is more exciting than agreeing to tie the knot with the love of your life. We know your to-do list is growing a mile a minute, but there’s one thing you’ll want to check off sooner rather than later… engagement photos! Engagement photos become a treasured keepsake from a special season of life, and they may come in handy for your save-the-dates. Plus, they’re fun!

Before you set a date with your photographer, be sure to check out our top eight tips. These will ensure a flawless engagement session, beautiful images, and plenty of laughter to be had by all.

  1. Define your style: before you book a photographer, think about your personal style. Are you looking for dramatic editorial photos? Timeless keepsakes to hang in your newlywed home? With so many options out there, you’ll definitely want to take a minute to define your personality. Then, book a photographer whose past portfolio and editing style aligns with your own. Which aesthetic best speaks to your love story?
  2. Location: the options are endless… and your photographer will be able to assist you in selecting a dream location. We encourage couples to consider a photo shoot at their future wedding venue. It will allow you and your photographer to get familiar with the downtown Dallas venue, and it will heighten your anticipation for the big day in this very location.
  3. Bring layers! instead of wasting shoot time on multiple wardrobe changes, wear layered clothing. Don a simple, classic dress… then mix it up with a scarf in some photos, statement jewelry in others, and a jacket or elegant wrap in a few more. You’ll achieve variety in your gallery without sacrificing personal style or valuable shoot time!
  4. Props can help: are you one of those people who feels awkward about where to put your hands? Most of us are! Props can help get the ball rolling as you get comfortable in front of the camera. You might want to bring a small custom sign with a sweet phrase or your wedding date calligraphed on it. One of our favorite props is a cozy blanket; kick up the romance a notch by snuggling close to your sweetheart.
  5. Pack these items: grab a tote bag and stuff it with these photo shoot essentials to ensure a seamless session: water bottles, a granola bar (just in case someone gets hangry!), touch-up makeup, and extra bobby pins.
  6. Trust your photographer: don’t over-Pinterest it. It’s okay to have a few shots in mind… but let your photographer run the show. He/she is a professional, who you hired for a reason. Let them direct the posing, and be open to spontaneity. Instead of micro-managing your shoot, focus on enjoying this sweet memory with your loved one.
  7. Don’t forget a manicure: don’t let your nails go forgotten before shoot day. You’d hate to get those gorgeous ring shots back, only to see chipped fingernails. Splurge for the manicure a day or two before the shoot.
  8. Have fun! Okay, we know it sounds cliché… but the BEST way to ensure stunning photos is to have fun! When you’re comfortable, relaxed, and confident, the camera will show it. Think of your session as a memory in the making with your soon-to-be husband or wife. Don’t be afraid to have a great time together!

Keep these eight tips in mind and you’ll be a pro! Most importantly, enjoy this opportunity to connect with your loved one. Wedding planning can be a chaotic experience at times; engagement photos are a great opportunity to slow down and savor some time with the person you’ll marry.

Our downtown Dallas venue is always open to hosting your engagement session. Just contact us to set a date. We hope you’ll tour our versatile space and envision your big day here at The Empire Room. Our team is happy to help!