Unique Dallas Wedding Venue | Menu Display Ideas at The Empire Room


Every couple at The Empire Room brings a different vision to our versatile space. We provide a memorable setting (overlooking downtown Dallas!) and a blank slate space; our brides and grooms bring the rest to life. We love to see how each couple personalizes our unique Dallas wedding venue, transforming it into a one-of-a-kind space to celebrate their love story.

While an overall creative vision drives the event décor, we’re a bit partial to the little details… and so are wedding guests! Personalized details never fail to make an impression and set a celebration apart from the rest. So today, we’re covering a detail that has endless potential for customization: your menu display! Check out a few of our favorite ideas here:

  • Paper: paper will always be a classic choice—and it can be personalized in so many ways. Have your stationer design a menu to correspond with your invitation suite, or wrap a paper belly band around your napkin and silverware. Whether your style is soft and romantic, or modern glam… paper can definitely work in your favor.
  • Acrylic: we’re loving this recent modern menu trend. Use clear acrylic sheets with white paint lettering for a contemporary look. Use smaller acrylic sheets atop place settings, or opt for one large acrylic sheet to display near a buffet or reception entrance.
  • Mirror: mirrors are another popular menu display choice at our unique Dallas wedding venue. Whether you love antiqued gold embellishments or a thin modern frame, mirrors are easily customizable to your tastes—and they make a major visual impact!
  • Chalkboard: a tried-and-true option, chalkboards are versatile and inexpensive. Plus, a talented calligrapher can transform any chalkboard into a focal point of your décor. Keep it streamlined, or go all-out with detailed lettering; or, add botanical illustrations for a garden-style twist.
  • Wood board: another big trend in wedding industry, natural wood panels are a timeless choice. Wooden elements are a great way to bring an organic touch to your special day!
  • Fabric: go the extra mile with hand-lettered fabric menus. Drape them underneath each place setting, so the menu hangs over the edge of the table. Talk about wow-factor!


At The Empire Room, we work with Gil’s Elegant Catering to serve delectable dishes with impeccable service. Gil’s makes sure your menu display begins with a strong foundation: delicious, unique food. Whether you serve a formal plated dinner, or opt for interactive food stations… you can’t go wrong.

And don’t forget to check out our post on Wedding Signage You’ll Love. The pretty lettering shouldn’t stop with just the menu! Add one-of-a-kind signage to your big day for unforgettable impact.

Which menu display is right for you? We’ve seen them all at our unique Dallas wedding venue! We’d be happy to give you the grand tour and help envision your own special day right here at The Empire Room. Just give us a call.