The day two souls commit to loving and supporting each other through through thick and thin, calls for a special gift for one another. It does not necessarily have to be a lavish item that will cost a fortune. It could be a small and inexpensive item that commemorates a special moment the two of you shared, or perhaps an inside joke to brighten up your day, the idea is to make is thoughtful, creative, and special. Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

A Handwritten Love Letter

Perhaps the simplest, yet the most thoughtful and heartwarming gift of all is a handwritten letter documenting your love and the special moments you shared together. Reminisce about your journey together. Put your heart and soul into it, take your time, and write the best letter you have ever written because this one will probably end up in a special place.

A Gift for the Honeymoon

A wedding gift is a unique and fun way of revealing the kind of trip you have been planning for each other. You might be planning it together but throwing in a surprise here and there, is exciting and thoughtful. It could be tickets to a concert that you and your partner love, a travel item, or just a small token from a previous trip you took together. Again, the trick is to use your imagination to create something incredible from a simple memory or moment.

Post-Wedding De-stressor

The entire process of planning a wedding till the day of the event itself is stressful and absolutely exhausting. After rushing through a physical and emotional roller-coaster, you both could use some peace and quiet to de-stress. Depending on one another’s interest, gift your significant other with something they love to do when things get too overwhelming. A spa date is an excellent option to massage away all that constrained tension inside your body.

A Handmade Token of Love and Appreciation

Nothing says personal and heartfelt like a handmade gift.  It could be a photo album, a keepsake, or maybe even a scrapbook. Whatever it is – make sure it’s something to commemorate and immortalize your love for one another.

Something that makes them Laugh

Think about your best inside joke and a gift that may remind one another of the fun times you shared.Transform an inside joke into a present and start your new life together with a good old laugh.