The Empire Room - Dallas TX Wedding Venue

Ceremony Facing Gray Drapes


In a spacious venue with high ceilings, concrete flooring, and white walls all around, you may think that there is so much to be done in order to make the space warm and welcoming for your wedding. In fact, a blank canvas like this is actually perfect for making the space your own and creating a hip and modern look.

Some of the best ways to beautify an industrial-style interior with open ceilings and exposed structures is to add warmth with lighting techniques. As for the Empire Room in Dallas, the AV lighting is done by Astounding Sounds and they use spotlighting techniques to add depth and color to the white walls and curtains. Depending on your wedding’s theme, you can certainly pick your spotlight color to coordinate.

Specifically at the Empire Room, there are white linens draped from the exposed ceiling structures that create a flowing canopy effect. This is excellent for additional ambiance and is also good for room acoustics. For extra glimmer and decoration, try adding long beaded curtain walls, metallic linens, shag rugs for a shabby-chic look, or chandeliers for additional lighting and elegance.

The Empire Room - Dallas Event Venue