With our favorite spooktacular holiday right around the corner, we’re anticipating creative costumes, creepy tricks, and tons of delicious treats. Here at our DFW wedding venue, we’ve actually seen a few Halloween weddings come and go! While some couples are able to embrace a spooky theme (and totally rock it), others might be more excited about a wintry wonderland Christmas wedding. Or how about a glamorous New Year’s Eve nuptial celebration? For some couples, holiday wedding dates make for a sophisticated themed affair; others, however, might not be so keen o the idea.

Would you be willing to dive into planning a holiday wedding? If you’re considering a holiday wedding date, be sure to check out our list of pros and cons:


  • You have a theme in place already! Whether you’re tying the knot surrounded by Christmas evergreens or Thanksgiving pumpkins, there’s something to be said for a pre-decided theme. Having the overall concept decided frees up planning energy that you can now redirect to executing picture-perfect details.
  • Double the celebration. Why not bundle up all the joy of a holiday season and intertwine it with the happiness of your wedding day? Take advantage of a season where guests are already in good spirits—and build on the fun with an unforgettable wedding day.
  • You’ll weed out your guest-count. We count this as both a pro and a con; holiday weddings are an easy excuse for keeping your celebration intimate. Your closest friends and family will likely attend—after all, you’d be celebrating together anyway, plus they may have time off work for travel. But a holiday wedding gives you a perfect reason to keep things small; distant friends’ feelings won’t be hurt if they don’t receive an invite, since they’ll likely be busy with their own festivities.



  • Vendor roundup could be tricky. While our DFW wedding venue and all the other industry vendors do our best to serve you, holiday dates may not always be available. Some vendors may even increase prices over holiday weekends. Give yourself plenty of time to inquire with your favorite vendors before booking a holiday date.
  • It’s tempting to go over-the-top. Couples who plan a holiday wedding must be cautious about going overboard. You’d hate for your elegant, sophisticated dream day to accidentally turn into something kitschy. Luckily this can be avoided with a stellar event designer and careful planning!
  • RSVPs will be lower than usual. As we mentioned above, the lower guest count can be a mixed blessing. You have a great reason to keep your wedding intimate, but you also might miss the presence of some loved ones who couldn’t get away during the busy holiday season. Sending Save the Dates early will help ensure all your loved ones can attend.

You’ll also want to consider your wedding date as your future anniversary date… Do you love the idea of a holiday made even more special by your anniversary? Or would you rather mark your calendar with an anniversary date just for two? We’ve seen couples who have embraced either idea—it’s all about what works for you.

So, what do you think? Yea or nay? We’re happy to host, either way! With twenty years of experience behind our DFW wedding venue, we’ve proudly collaborated with happy couples on all kinds of wedding dates. We’d love to help you plan your dream day—whether near the holidays, or not.

Everyone here at our DFW wedding venue wishes you a Happy Halloween!