Back in January, we posted about one of our favorite wedding style trends: modern industrial. We have loved seeing this aesthetic everywhere throughout the year, and are happy to see it’s still going strong. Modern industrial vibes can be a great fit with our Dallas urban wedding venue; our versatile event space welcomes modern industrial décor and can easily be transformed into an area with a distinctive theme.

Our January post still upholds the staples of modern industrial aesthetics, but we’ve seen more specific décor details come into play that polish off this look at our Dallas urban wedding venue. Add these small details to complete your modern industrial look:

  • Mid-century pieces: combine two of our favorite trends with mid-century-inspired rental furniture that complements your modern industrial feel. Look for a low-backed leather sofa or wood-legged barrel chair that sets the tone in your lounge vignette.
  • Copper candlesticks: copper is on the rise as the metallic texture of the season. We’ll never turn down classic gold elements, but we love seeing inventive uses of copper details. One item in particular we’re loving? Copper candlesticks. Tall candlesticks are back in trend, especially when topped with moody-hued wax tapers in dark gray or rich burgundy.
  • Greenery: greenery’s popularity is no surprise. This floral choice brings organic simplicity to life in any setting. It works particularly well with a modern industrial theme, especially juxtaposed against modern industrial textures. Add a vine installation over exposed brick, or intermix a greenery garland with your metallic tabletop décor.

With these three elements, you can take your modern industrial theme to the next level. Elevate your event décor and create a remarkable space inside our Dallas urban wedding venue. Ready to make it happen? Just get in touch! We’re here to help bring your vision to life.