While there’s no way to completely eliminate stress on your big day, we have some tips on how to lessen the effect and  avoid stress on your wedding morning.

Get Ready Solo

Things can get a little crazy when you’re trying to get ready for your big day. One option is to schedule some alone time in to your day as you get ready and then bring in your wedding party later in the day for some bubbly and laughs.

Throw Traditions Out the Door

We all know the traditions of the groom not seeing the bride before the wedding and the one where couples stay in separate rooms the night before the wedding. But if breaking tradition makes you feel more at ease on your big day, then by all means stay the night with your hubby to be and have some one on one time the morning of your wedding – a great way to do this is a first look.

Practice Your Vows

Practice makes perfect, not really, but it does ease some of the pre-wedding jitters to rehearse what you’re going to say even if you don’t have custom vows. Hearing it out loud helps you when you’re up there saying it to your partner.

Delegate Everything Day-Of

There’s bound to be a slue of questions from your guests, vendors, etc. the day of. If you don’t have a planner, have a member of your bridal party, friend, or family member be the go to person for making last minute decisions and questions.

Have a Back Up Plan

Every couple worries about the weather on their big day. Most venues, ours included, can work with you to have a contingency plan in place for situations just like this. Rest easy knowing you’ve planned to the best of your ability should mother nature strike.